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FixSeal Fix1060

Type: Solvent
Water based on request.
*Classified as Dangerous Goods for shipping”

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FixSeal is a two pack epoxy resin solution used as a primer/sealer for porous substrates such as timber and concrete. FixSeal is also used to seal timber to prevent and eliminate moisture uptake and ingress, reduce timber warping and prevent dry rot.

FixSeal Epoxy Sealer Packaging Options:
500ml kit = 2 x 250ml part A & B
2 Ltr kit = 2 x 1000ml part A & B
8 Ltr kit = 2 x 4000ml part A & B
40 Ltr kit = 2 x 20ltr part A & B

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet Part-A

Safety Data Sheet Part-B

Package Option

500ml kit, 2 Ltr kit, 8 Ltr kit, 40 Ltr kit

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